Startup Tech Valley

We are reworking our program delivery to continue to help startups in Tech Valley during the COVID-19 pause. Click here to learn more.

Have a great business model and looking for feedback? Created an exciting new product and looking for initial customers, partners, co-founders, or connections? We will give you 10 minutes in front of 200 plus startup/business people to show what you are doing and explain what can move you forward.


Startup Tech Valley is a monthly meetup for entrepreneurs, investors, startup employees, startup service providers, and anyone else who wants to be involved.  Check out our meeting times on the Events page!


Our Mission

The mission of Startup Tech Valley is to provide events that engage what Brad Feld has described as the entire entrepreneurial stack, which includes first-time entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and anyone else who wants to be involved.

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