is a work order ticketing platform for use in the physical world. It enables tenants to write up and submit work order requests, they can also attach photos of the problem. This can be done from either their desktop devices or mobile phones when an issue arises. When the landlords receive the work order, they have the option to assign it to the relevant contractor and employee (Bhowmik, 2008). After this, both the tenants and the landlords have the ability to track the repairs and receive notification when it is completed.

Most landlords do not have the time to address every tenant’s requests. This is where the application comes in. However, tenants usually have queries, and these cannot be ignored. This platform provides a convenient way for submitting their complaints without resorting to late night calls and messages to the landlords. In most cases, the landlord does not write down such random requests but simply puts down a mental note.

Tenants nowadays require more than just a place to sleep. They want all their needs met and a landlord who caters for their needs on a constant basis. This platform, therefore, provides an efficient way of submitting their requests to their landlords.

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