Apply to present at an upcoming meeting here.


Presenting at the March 7, 2018 Event:


GeriSafe Ltd. –  developing innovative medical devices to preserve physical independence for seniors

Presenter: Xinyang Wang (LinkedIn)



StartFast Venture Accelerator – a venture accelerator and VC fund focused on early-stage tech companies.

Presenter: James Shomar (LinkedIn)



kierrha funderburg

DWTN.LUSH – A designer shoe rental service.

Presenter: Kierrha Funderburg



Worker-Belle – A new brand designed for the bodies, careers and lifestyles of professional women.

Presenter: Gayle Katzman (LinkedIn)


Updates from Major Buzz who originally presented on June 2016
AlbanyCanCode who originally presented on September 7, 2016


Presenting at the December 7, 2017 Event:

Simon Bruno

Inky Technologies – curated book selection service.


Simon Bruno (LinkedIn) & Mikayla Lansing (LinkedIn)


Paul Amodeo

Sustainable Energy Systems – using a novel waste-to-energy gasification technology to produce electrical generation systems for both permanent installations and portable applications.

Presenter: Paul Amodeo (LinkedIn)


Nicholas Domnisch

Bryan Doss

evry1eats – the all-in-one app allowing customers to rate, review and order their favorite foods.


Nicholas Domnisch (LinkedIn) & Bryan Doss (LinkedIn)


Kumar ShyamSynaptic Communications – a mobile platform that lets people instantly connect and exchange information with others using their phones.

Presenters: Shimantika Kumar (LinkedIn) & Shyam Kumar (LinkedIn)



New Ed – Web engagement platform for educational institutions to adapt their .edu sites

Presenter: Craig Maslowsky (LinkedIn)

Presenting at the November 1, 2017 Event:


You! Open Mic Night at StartUp Tech Valley.

Presented at the October 11, 2017 Event:

West Wind Farms – Sourcing and distributing value-added grains to craft brewers and distillers.
Presenter: Rachel Czub (LinkedIn)


PowerSpike – Influencer marketing platform for Angelo Damiano (LinkedIn)

Let’s Chat About It– a wellness support platform and online community for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse.

Presenter: Garrison Grant (LinkedIn)
Kind Cultures – A kombucha business that brews with raw honey instead of sugar.
Presenter: Graham Gilmore
Odd Networks
originally presented March 2, 2016
Presenter: Brian Corrigan

Presenting at the September 6, 2017 Event:

Our.News – A new approach to combat misinformation and fake news online.
Presenter: Richard Zach (LinkedIn)
 Center Square – helping businesses reach their customers by sharing their promotions, deals and events.
Presenter: Adam Mason
Tomás Henriques headshotCore Haptics – providing the next generation of interfaces and game controllers for entertainment, VR, therapy, education and research.
Presenter: Tomas Henriques (LinkedIn)
originally presented April 6, 2016
Presenter: Michael Cellini


Presented at the June 7, 2017 Event:

Passport for Good – is a software solution that showcases the positive impact of community service by seamlessly tracking data for individuals, families, and organizations.
Presenter: Gayle Farman (LinkedIn)
Vincent Arena
Sanguine Diagnostics – is a paper diagnostics support/accessory platform, with the goal to provide an assured, drop-in-place diagnostics solution to improve global health. Sanguine aims to provide fast-acting, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic to medical, environmental, and agricultural settings.
Presenter: Vincent Arena (LinkedIn)
Advanced Modular Instruments – is developing state-of-the-art instrumentation products for diagnostic and drug discovery purposes.
Presenter: Tony Hoang (LinkedIn)
Bryan Dieudonne
YVNT – is an online platform for companies to nurture their culture using social experiences.
Presenter: Bryan Dieudonne (LinkedIn)
Joshua AvivSparkCharge making portable charging stations that allow electric vehicles to charge anytime and anywhere. 
Presenters: Joshua Aviv (LinkedIn) and Jaydeep Sathe (LinkedIn)

Presenting at the May 3, 2017 Event:


SelfArray – has developed a tools and methods to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing making Direct View LED displays a commercial reality.
Presenter: Mark Durniak (LinkedIn)


Learn Blitz – video flashcard technology dedicated to enabling beginning Sign Language learners to become conversational.
Presenter: Chris Morrison (LinkedIn)


Saratoga Juice Bar, LLC – a fast growing dynamic juice and wellness brand that launched with a retail presence in 2013 and began wholesaling in 2015; now represented in over 200 wholesale venues with a goal to establish a national presence.
Presenter: Colin MacLean (LinkedIn)


NextSeed – Invest Local, Everywhere.
Presenter: Bob Dunton (LinkedIn)

Presented at the April 5, 2017 Event:


Kirsh Helmets – the only All American Made Helmet Company. The unique technology brings together Style, Safety, Comfort, and Improved Performance.
Presenter: Don DeVito (LinkedIn)


[s]Cube – a Technology Services company specializing in eGovernance, eDiscovery, Application Development, and IT Staff Augmentation.
Presenter: Haileab Samuel (LinkedIn)


Fundabilities – a crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise money through social networks such as Facebook.
Presenter: Dan DeMarco (LinkedIn)


Update Captain – simplifies the process of soliciting feedback from team members on the status of projects. Providing updates with Update Captain saves time and money and increases the productivity of your company.
Presenter: Jeff Goronkin (LinkedIn)


Upstate/United Concierge Medicine
originally presented February 3, 2016
Presenter: Keith Algozzine
originally presented April 2, 2014

Presented at the March 1, 2017 Event:


You! Open Mic Night at StartUp Tech Valley.

Presented at the February 1, 2017 Event:


Nowigence – leverages big data analytics to capture, store and curate market insights from millions of news items sourced daily from over 80,000 sources to create a market intelligence platform for businesses, when none exists today, to drive smarter and better decision-making.
Presenter: Anoop Bhatia (LinkedIn)


DashMetrics – easily shareable team dashboards.
Presenter: Chris Thompson


12th Street Ventures, LLC – launching a analytics-based community focused on students, creatives, industry and community.
Presenter: Bob Bedard (LinkedIn)


originally presented September 2, 2015
Presenter: Zac Hollaran
Startfast Code
originally presented October 7, 2016
Presenter: Jason Rotella

Presented at the December 7, 2016 Event:


DAMA-NYCR – a local non-profit chapter of DAMA-International that is committed to promoting the practice of data resource management, providing educational opportunities, and being the go-to place for Data Professionals in the Capital Region.
Presenter: Billy Obenauer (LinkedIn)


SureDone – a multi-channel e-commerce platform focused on best in class product listing and inventory management to eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Magento, Bigcommerce, and with an included hosted eCommerce storefront.
Presenter: Jason Nadaf (LinkedIn)


Think-board – clear dry erase films that can turn any surface into a dry erase board – whether it’s a wall, desk, door, refrigerator, or your entire office.
Presenters: Hanson Grant (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Kenneth Zhang (Pictured center, LinkedIn), Garrison Grant (Pictured right, LinkedIn)

originally presented September 2, 2015
Presenter: Perry Woodin
originally presented April 1, 2015
Presenter: Sebastian Sarbora

Presented at the November 9, 2016 Event:


Richard Frederick, Eastern New York Angels (LinkedIn)


Sharon Rutter, Director, Innovate NY Fund (LinkedIn)


Dave Geoghegan, Chief Technical Officer, ChannelEyes (LinkedIn)


Brian Keil, Managing Director, NY Ventures (LinkedIn)


Andrew Leahy, Co-founder, POMCO (LinkedIn)
Previously presented on January 28, 2014


Rami Katz, Chief Operating Officer, Excell Partners, Inc. (LinkedIn)


Miriam Altman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kinvolved (LinkedIn)

Presented at the October 7, 2016 Event:


Startfast Code – a bootcamp designed get people skilled-up as professional web developers in 12-week segments.
Presenter: Chuck Stormon (LinkedIn)


AuxNation – a mobile application that unites DJs and their audiences through the crowdsourcing of song requests.
Presenter: Noah Kahn (Pictured, LinkedIn), Dhruv Singh (Not pictured, LinkedIn), Zachary Jones (Not pictured)


Adirondack Flannel – infusing the best of the Adirondacks with high quality materials to create a clothing brand centered around the casual outdoor lifestyle.
Presenter: James Benjamin (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Leif Catania (Pictured right, LinkedIn)


Teachme – an app which allows its user to have access to a unique private database of videos pertaining to a specific activity in their sport or field of interest, uploaded by the coach or instructor.
Presenter: Kevin Danaher (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Jennifer Hogan (Pictured center, LinkedIn), Firmin Alexander (Pictured right, LinkedIn)


Think-board – clear dry erase films that can turn any surface into a dry erase board – whether it’s a wall, desk, door, refrigerator, or your entire office.
Presenters: Hanson Grant (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Kenneth Zhang (Pictured center, LinkedIn), Garrison Grant (Pictured right, LinkedIn)

Presented at the September 7, 2016 Event:


Field Goods – a subscription-based local produce delivery service targeting corporate wellness programs.
Presenter: Donna Williams (LinkedIn)


Design My Day – an app designed to help people in a temporary funk to connect, do something and feel better through crowdsourced actionable activity ideas customized to how they feel.
Presenter: Jacob Madden (LinkedIn)


Giv Dapps – a non-profit organization utilizing technology to promote transparent charitable giving within local communities.
Presenter: Adam MacDonald (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Luke Beemer (Pictured right, LinkedIn)


Walkabout Pouch – a new product that provides a hands free option for your mobile devices.
Presenter: Anthony Kippen (LinkedIn)


Albany Can Code – building bridges with curriculum, mentorship, and intern opportunities, to open up recruiting, training, and placement for talented, hard-working people who may not have otherwise been able to include themselves in the tech economy.
Presenter: Janet Carmosky

Presented at the June 1, 2016 Event:


Furlocity – a digital platform for the pet service industry – bringing together the growing online pet parent community with the more traditional boarders, kennels and other leading pet industry providers.
Presenter: Reid Hislop (LinkedIn)


AnchorID – replacing passwords with smartphones for enterprises.
Presenter: David W. Schropfer (LinkedIn)


Major Buzz – an app creation company launching their first product targeting the college student market.
Presenters: Justin Lee (Pictured left, LinkedIn), Raheema Robinson (Pictured center, LinkedIn), and Bradley Nwosu (Pictured right, LinkedIn)


Family First Fitness
originally presented May 6, 2015
Presenter: Guy Waltman
originally presented May 6, 2015
Presenter: Jesse Marshall
originally presented Nov 4, 2015
Presenter: Owen Bush

Presented at the May 4, 2016 Event:


O’Malley’s Oven – Specialty bakery offering gluten free pastries and desserts.
Presenter: Melanie O’Malley (LinkedIn)


Conversation Driver – Helping B2B companies increase the number of meaningful conversations sales representatives have daily by 4-10x.
Presenters: Alexander Gutin (pictured left, LinkedIn), Alexey Gutin (pictured right, LinkedIn), and Ethan Bloomfield (not pictured, LinkedIn)


Amparo – Redefining prosthetic care in developing nations using a human-centered design.
Presenter: Matthew Dion (LinkedIn)


Family First Fitness
originally presented May 6, 2015
Presenter: Guy Waltman
Up in Your Business
originally presented Sept 2, 2015
Presenter: Maya McNulty
originally presented May 6, 2015
Presenter: Jesse Marshall

Presented at the April 6, 2016 Event:


Mountain Ridge Adventure – a new Treetop Challenge Course located in the Capital District where you can experience the excitement of traversing through trees up to 75′ in the air and zip lining over our 500’x100’x50′ deep gorge, all located 1,100′ above sea level.
Presenter: Michael Cellini (LinkedIn)


Moo Plans – Revolutionizing on-campus and off-campus catering though community-source meal planning.
Presenter: Wesley Sherow (LinkedIn)


Recruit Registry Inc. – connecting college coaches to potential recruits throughout the country. Finding information on potential recruits is very difficult- we solve that problem.
Presenter: Chad O’Donnell (LinkedIn)


I518 – Early stage incubation program
Presenter: Matt Grattan


Coast Designwear
originally presented November 5, 2014
Presenter: Glenn Rothwell

Presented at the March 2, 2016 Event:


Brightboard LLC – Crowdsourcing website for facilitating medical innovations through peer based collaboration, evaluation,education and investment.
Presenters: Allen Carl (LinkedIn), Christian DiPaola (pictured, LinkedIn)


Lately – Organize all your online and off-line marketing information into one place, giving you the whole picture in a way that’s easy to understand and take advantage of.
Presenter: Kate Bradley (LinkedIn)


Windrush – Windrush solves the problem that every business faces today, communicating with data is hard. Windrush is a platform that allows businesses to produce beautiful and compelling online data driven stories with ease.
Presenter: Taylor Zorman (LinkedIn)


Odd Networks – Make it easy for you to develop and publish exciting and engaging video applications for mobile and TV connected devices.
Presenters: Clarke Foley (pictured left, LinkedIn), Brian Corrigan (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Schodack Accelerator
originally presented April 2, 2014
Presenter: Bob Horan
originally presented April 1, 2015
Presenter: Rutvik Mehta

Presented at the February 3, 2016 Event:


Truxx – is like Uber meets U-Haul, we connect people who need to move stuff with people who own pickups or vans.
Presenter: Carlos Suarez


SkyTubeLive – the site for live streaming drone videos, providing a web platform where users can find and watch currently available live aerial video, clearly organized by location and displayed by map, as well as mobile apps to make the streaming process user friendly and easy.
Presenter: Brian Barris (LinkedIn)


Troy Innovation Garage – an entrepreneurial ecosystem being launched in Downtown Troy in 2016 that features 10,000 feet of open and private co-working space and incubator programming.
Presenter: Tom Nardacci


9 Miles East – dedicated to making it easy for busy people to enjoy healthy food.
Presenter: Gordon Sacks (LinkedIn)


Upstate Concierge Medicine – is a turnkey telemedicine solution that connects patients to local doctors using every day technology like phone, video, text and email.
Presenter: Keith Algozzine (LinkedIn)


Presented at the December 2, 2015 Event:


timmy 3
Dual:Lock – Reinventing Gun Safety
Presenter: Rachel Dyment (pictured left, LinkedIn) Timothy Oh (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Telelingo – The next generation speech centric telematics and mobile learning company leveraging Natural Language Processing and AI capabilities.
Presenter: Roberto Sicconi (pictured left, LinkedIn) Maggie Styś (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Jowl – Simplified community software for effective engagement between brands and their users.
Presenters: Quinn Cully (pictured left, LinkedIn) Devon Bernard (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Miobox – Providing a personal campus chef experience through your smart phone.Providing a personal campus chef experience through your smart phone.
Presenter: Chris Peng (LinkedIn) Bryan Dieudone (LinkedIn)


Pick My Solar – an online solar marketplace connecting homeowners to qualified solar installers.
Presenter: Chris Blevins (pictured left, LinkedIn) Max Aram (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Presented at the November 4, 2015 Event:


Enable Labs – delivering high performance, robust, quality web and mobile apps.
Presenter: Mark Menard (LinkedIn)


v_owen_bush – is a lightweight, intuitive, mobile VR platform for anyone with a smartphone.
Presenter: V Owen Bush (LinkedIn)


Momentum Mechanics – uses relentless innovation to develop comprehensive police and military response technology.
Presenter: Adam Ware (LinkedIn)


SJRF Enterprises – developing mobile applications to improve students lives.
Presenter: Spencer Fontein (LinkedIn)


Mogee Keyboard – allowing users to send GIF emojis in messaging.
Presenter: Shuai Payne (LinkedIn)


Presented at the October 14, 2015 Event:


expex, inc. – an automated accounts payable system & big company purchasing power.
Presenter: Anthony Lombardo


Double Ds – a line of inexpensive bras for Kenyan women, in the sizes Kenyan women wear, in the color of their skin.
Presenter: Stella Langat (LinkedIn)


Chris Thompson LinkedIn Profile Inc. – a mobile work order ticketing service for Landlords & Property Managers.
Presenter: Chris Thompson (LinkedIn)


AllStolen – affordable, premium streetwear taking cues from high fashion & sportswear.
Presenters: Elizabeth Worgan (LinkedIn), Dave Florence


Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) – building collegiate eSports from inception to broadcast.
Presenter: Tyler Schrodt (LinkedIn)


Presented at the September 2, 2015 Event:


Up In Your Business – connecting colleges and communities with a mobile app featuring where to shop and dine.
Presenter: Maya McNulty (LinkedIn)


Twill Providing warmth and inspiration for children when they need it most. For every 100% organic cotton, made in the USA blanket that is purchased, one is donated to a child in need.
Presenter: Zac Halloran


heynay – enabling neighbors to rent everyday items among one another.
Presenter: William Noto (LinkedIn)


Node40 – provides digital currency “savings accounts” to customers who purchase, hold and trade digital currency.
Presenter: Perry Woodin (LinkedIn)


New Ed Inc – a web engagement platform for educational institutions
Presenter: Craig Maslowsky (LinkedIn)


Presented at the June 3, 2015 Event:


Legacy Media LLC, Latertalk.comcreating “legacy media” for those subscribers who wish to provide their family, relatives and friends with predefined and authentic messaging via text, video/photos and audio for individual and generational use.
Presenter: Don McPhee (LinkedIn)


IRWise Imaging – provides preventive health discovery services using an advanced infrared imaging technology that is 100% safe and is uniquely able to detect any inflammation and potential cancerous activity at an early stage.
Presenter: Muhammad Jamil, Ph.D. (LinkedIn)


Xlerate Technologies – Intelligent battery and power management systems that create performance improvements in light electric vehicles and consumer electronics.
Presenter: Dave Rich


Presented at the May 6, 2015 Event:


Antonio Chabrier
DrivOns – a mobile application company that combines location aware services with mobile advertising. We provide businesses with the location-based technology tools they need to drastically enhance their marketing strategies, promotional programs and customer loyalty.
Presenter: Antonio Chabrier (LinkedIn)


Semi-Lux, Inc. – a clothing company that caters to busy people where the spend their time….at the office. We bring our 300 sq ft mobile showroom to office parks, businesses, homes and functions to assist quality-seeking professionals with their shopping needs. All products are American made.
Presenter: Heather Dwyer (LinkedIn)


Dogstar Pet Products (Gotta Go Button) – the company behind the Gotta Go Button, a pet training device featured on Good Morning America and news outlets around the country.
Presenter: Chad Bingo (LinkedIn)


Margination – a non-profit organization working to create a roadmap for just, inclusive local economies and find a solution to the insecurity and isolation facing a growing number of Americans.
Presenter: Jesse Marshall (LinkedIn)


Family First Fitness – Innovative fitness company targeting entire families.
Presenter: Guy Waltman (LinkedIn)


Presented at the April 1, 2015 Event:


Howdeco – a B-to-C platform from which suppliers such as interior designers, home builders, realtors, furniture manufacturers and retailers can interact with homeowners using our 3D technologies.
Presenter: Wayne Chen (LinkedIn)


illium vr
Illium VR – developing a line of highly advanced virtual reality controllers and systems to revolutionize the way we physically interact with games.
Presenter: Sebastian Sarbora (LinkedIn)


ThermoAura Inc. – uses nanotechnology to unleash the potential of thermoelectrics for transformative solid-state cooling and heat-to-electricity generation.
Presenter: Rutvik Mehta (LinkedIn)


Learn Blitz – a rapid learning platform that builds knowledge and reduces memory loss allowing users to recall material when desired.
Presenter: Christopher Morrison


Somml Health – enables hospitals and providers to track and engage patients with meaningful, actionable information.
Presenter: David Wood (pictured left, LinkedIn), Kurt Lozier (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Presented at the March 4, 2015 Event:


Wise Labs – connects experienced scientists and engineers to businesses and investors to commercialize inventions and solve tough technical challenges.
Presenter: Jon Glass (LinkedIn)


Glibble – a career services social network designed to assist colleges and training institutions’ placement services.
Presenter: Jason Matthews (LinkedIn)


ConSENSus Technologies – empowers enterprises by transforming data into actionable insights. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, we enhance communication between people and technology.
Presenter: Alexandra Hudak (pictured left, LinkedIn), Adam Klich (pictured right, LinkedIn)


ToneTree creates unique computer music interfaces, revolutionizing the way we interact with the world.
Presenter: Brian Cook (LinkedIn)


Presented at the February 4, 2015 Event:


scott gold
Ener-G-Rotors, Inc. commercializing the ORCA™, a revolutionary appliance that economically converts low temperature heat to carbon free electricity for as little as 1.5 cents per kWh, representing a breakthrough in heat to power technologies.
Presenter: Scott Gold (LinkedIn)


EnerMat-Tech working on an all-carbon lithium ion battery configuration that is four times lighter with twice the energy density and thirty times the power density while simultaneously facilitating a significant reduction in the cost.
Presenters: Rahul Mukherjee (pictured left, LinkedIn), Eklavya Singh (pictured right, LinkedIn)


StoriedBoards – a vintage reclaimed lumber retailer that is expanding its product lines into fireplace mantels.
Presenter: Tyler Russell (LinkedIn)


Voom – a multi-platform wellness program designed to combat the sedentary nature of the work day.
Presenters: Dr. Gregory Soltanoff (pictured left LinkedIn), Emily Soltanoff (pictured right LinkedIn)


ChugaChaga – a health & wellness company making teas, soaps, and supplements out of the superfood known as Chaga.
Presenters: Luke Evans (pictured left LinkedIn), Marc Iskander (pictured right LinkedIn)


Presented at the December 3, 2014 Event:


Theo Pak
Lightfeed – A wearable electronic sensor which spectrally resolves a user’s ambient light exposure, enabling researchers to study the effects of ambient light on human circadian function.
Presenter: Theo Pak (LinkedIn)


Hammad Ghuman
PageBlank – makes it simple and affordable for your business to have amazing design across all your marketing materials.
Presenter: Hammad Ghuman (LinkedIn)


Pack Flow Concepts is an innovative product storage and automation system has been designed to address the changing needs for robotic order picking and packing found in today’s warehouses.
Presenter: Steve Derby (LinkedIn)


Tyler Wrightson
LeetSystems CyberSecurity – focuses primarily on assisting organization to secure themselves using the benefits of offensive security and penetration testing.
Presenter: Tyler Wrightson (LinkedIn)


Katie Tansey
Bill Tansey
HR Resolved – leverages today’s virtual environment offering human resource services with a balance of in-office presence & real time/all the time availability, as a retained partner or a la carte service provider from their New York headquarters.
Presenters: Katie Tansey (pictured left, LinkedIn), Bill Tansey (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Presented at the November 5, 2014 Event:


Cinch Men's Wear
Cinch Men’s Wear – a men’s clothing retailer that also provides subscription box service where stylists hand-select outfits to meet customers needs and tastes.
Presenter: Samuel Gonzalez


Glenn Rothwell
Mark Olivier
COAST Designwear – brings a fresh new approach to the industry, offering unique frames made from exotic hardwoods.
Presenters: Glenn Rothwell (pictured left, LinkedIn), Mark Olivier (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Roamplate – helps restaurants broadcast their best, seasonal, creative, local, and most importantly, “off-menu” dishes to our area’s dining out crowd.
Presenter: Zack Vogel (LinkedIn)


Riley Alsman
Max Walker
Empire Windrush – helps publishers build better visuals to make their content more engaging and interactive.
Presenters: Riley Alsman (pictured left, LinkedIn), Max Walker (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Annmarie Lanesey – comprehensive clearinghouse for rebate offers.
Presenter: Annmarie Lanesey (LinkedIn)


Presented at the September 3, 2014 Event:


Somak Chattopadhyay
Armory Square Ventures – A seed and early stage venture fund based in Upstate NY and NYC.
Presenter: Somak Chattopadhyay (LinkedIn)


Jay McBain
ChannelEyes – A channel acceleration platform for vendors, manufacturers and distributors to connect with their partners.
Presenter: Jay McBain (LinkedIn)


Robert Barron
Embedit – An electronics development platform that allows your software to interact with the physical world in a way that emphasizes power and flexibility.
Presenters: Robert Barron (pictured left, LinkedIn), Brian Bradley (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Clarke Foley
Brian Corrigan
Mad Glory – new service -Kalamari is a multi-site, multi-outlet, cloud hosted content platform for publishers which allows them to store and distribute content to numerous campaigns.
Presenters: Clarke Foley (pictured left, LinkedIn), Brian Corrigan (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Brent Solina
MICROrganic Technologies – Creating a bioelectrochemical system for waste-water treatment applications.
Presenter: Brent Solina (LinkedIn)


Presented at the June 11, 2014 Event:


Goyal Abraham Robotics – creates robots sports venue maintenance. Their Robotic Tennis Court Squeegee solves the problems introduced by water left sitting on tennis courts


Flitti – a website that helps its users gamify their daily positive actions with a points system that holds monetary value in an online marketplace. Rewarded actions fall into fields such as education, community service, fitness, and environmental responsibility.
Presenter: Hunter Fortuin (LinkedIn)


Costello Colleen startup-304
Vital VIO – a biomedical and lighting design company focused on manipulating light to address real world problems. Their current products offer the benefits of passive decontamination for environmental safety from microorganisms, to drastically reduce costs for hospitals.
Presenter: James Peterson (pictured left, LinkedIn), Colleen Costello (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Patriot Flow Controls – is an early stage start-up developing remotely controlled water delivery systems. The initial product will defend buildings in the path of wild fires in the absence of people at the site.
Presenter: Daniel Sharron


getOUT4 – A cause marketing platform that gives businesses an alternative to discounting and helps nonprofits raise money.
Presenter: Jason Kuruzovich (LinkedIn)


Presented at the May 7, 2014 Event:


Greg Moran Linkedin URL – enables predictive talent selection through the use of pre-employment assessment tools, connecting talent selection to business results.
Presenter: Greg Moran (LinkedIn)


LinkedIn Profile Picture
Resumazing – is an automated web service which uses machine learning to bundle resume building and headhunting into one powerful and synergistic platform.
Presenter: Kevin Lyman (LinkedIn)


Linkedin Profile Picture
ezra linkedin profile picture
Open Campus – matching students to resume-building projects in the NY Capital Region and beyond.
Presenters: Marcella Jewell (pictured left, LinkedIn), Ezra Levy (pictured right, LinkedIn)


LinkedIn Profile Picture
Clipcentric – removes the cost and complexity barriers typically associated with rich media and video advertising production. Produce dynamic and compelling rich display advertisements in-house, with the confidence that your ads will perform as intended across all platforms and devices.
Presenter: Shawn Pokorny (LinkedIn)


saeju jeong
Linkedin Profile Picture
Noom – Noom’s scientifically proven behavior change programs take the uncertainty out of creating a healthier lifestyle, reliably delivering health outcomes.
Presenters: Saeju Jeong (pictured left, LinkedIn), Artem Petrakov (pictured right, LinkedIn)


Presented at the April 2, 2014 Event:


Peter Allegretti LinkedIn Profile
Dumbstruck – Application to capture reactions to messages you send from your mobile device.
Presenter: Peter Allegretti (LinkedIn)


Schodack Central School District ‘Accelerator’ – Schodack schools are working with start-ups to provide them space to grow their business while providing our students with real-world opportunities.
Presenter: Bob Horan


SmartKids NY – A classroom visiting series introducing elementary students to new technologies through hands-on demos, experiments and field trips led by young entrepreneurs.
Presenter: Peg Zokowski (LinkedIn)


Casey Hoffman LinkedIn Profile
Vistex Composites – A disruptive technology for the manufacture of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials.
Presenter: Casey Hoffman (LinkedIn)


Make It Private – A secure online communication tool used for protecting one’s privacy.
Presenter: Laben Coblentz (LinkedIn)


Rollio – A mobile utility tool and an analytics based web-app for client meetings and business trip optimization
Presenter: Jake Soffer (LinkedIn)


Presented at the March 5, 2014 Event:


John Schroeder
Zimilate – Collect, organize, and expand what you know with easy, powerful ways to save webpages, add images and files, even entire websites to collections you create.
Presenter: John Schroeder (LinkedIn)


david weinstein
Clickit Digital – Custom online media campaigns covering all media channels.
Presenter: David Weinstein (LinkedIn)


Will Gathright LinkedIn Profile
Tumalow – Double the revenue of peak-shaving energy storage systems by selling their spare capability into the frequency regulation market.
Presenter: Will Gathwright (LinkedIn)


Chris Thompson LinkedIn Profile – A real estate software startup that enables landlords and tenants to submit, assign, track, and complete work orders for the physical world.
Presenter: Chris Thompson (LinkedIn)


Presented at the January 28, 2014 Event:


Rocket Docket – Legal software for attorneys, paralegals and other law office staff, get paperwork off your desk fast and efficiently.
Presenter: David Brickman (LinkedIn)


craig skevington
FixT – First-level employee technical support, from software to hardware, mobile to desktop
Presenter: Craig Skevington (LinkedIn)


kim lloyd
Rock the Deadline – A streamlined content marketing system for B2B outreach
Presenter: Kim Lloyd (LinkedIn)


daniele gallardo
Actasys Inc. – An active flow control device to be used for ground vehicles in order to reduce their aerodynamic drag and ultimately increase their fuel efficiency
Presenter: Daniele Gallardo (LinkedIn)


Andrew Leahy
Peace of Mind (POM-CO) – A mobile security solution for college and university campuses
Presenter: AJ Leahy (LinkedIn)