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We started by looking outside and inside the Tech Valley startup ecosystem.  Now, and going forward, its about the entrepreneurs.


At StartUp Tech Valley, we began the after hours meet-up experiment with first a look outside the ecosystem (Oct meet-up) and followed up with some of the wonderful success stories that have helped to shape the region (Nov meet-up).

But to build on their success we need to find ways to help individuals at the earliest stages to succeed or take that leap into entrepreneurship.  Towards that We want to hear what they are doing and see if there might be something we can do to give them a hand up.
Going forward, Startup Tech Valley will be about the entrepreneurs and-as I’m often reminded that I forget to mention-FREE BEER. The next event is January 28th and you can learn more and register here.

We are excited to announce that Hoffman Warnick has stepped up as a BEER SPONSOR for the next event and that Transfinder and NYBizLab have joined as a joint ANCHOR SPONSOR.



(There is still no fee, just so we know you are coming). 


Tuesday January 28, 2014 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST

Revolution Hall, Brown’s Brewing Co.
425 River Street
Troy, NY 12180



1.   FixT – First-level employee technical support, from software to hardware, mobile to desktop

a.     Craig Skevington


2.   Rock the Deadline – A streamlined content marketing system for B2B outreach

a.     Kim Lloyd


3.   Actasys Inc. – An active flow control device to be used for ground vehicles in order to reduce their aerodynamic drag and ultimately increase their fuel efficiency

a.     Michael Amitay

b.     Daniele Gallardo


4.   Peace of Mind – A mobile security solution for college and university campuses

a.     AJ Leahy

b.     Jane Goewey

c.     Lukas Lampe

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