The main schedule of the event will be the same each time:

    • 5:30-6:30. Networking with Cocktails and Appetizers
    • 6:30–7:30. Event Program
    • 7:30-?. More Networking or Go Home

We experimented with different structures for the programming portion of the evening with inspiration from a variety of sources including those listed below. Ultimately, we found our groove in featuring 4-5 startups each month giving them 5-10 minutes to pitch their business to the audience leaving some time for Q&A after each pitch. This formula moves the evening along at a decent speed and mixes the content to keep you interested.

    • Ignite Boulder  Under this format the presenter is allowed to present 20 Slides, 15 seconds a slide, automatically advancing.  You have to be well-prepared and know your pitch cold!  Great for founding teams just getting started or single founders looking for a cofounder.
    • Boulder Denver New Tech Meetup  This format allows for a 5 minute demo and 5 minute question and answer session from the audience.  This is great for new product launches where you might just find your first customers.
    • Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series   We will have works of wisdom from experienced entrepreneurs to both inspire and guide you in your ventures.  We will be looking to examine the many dimensions of entrepreneurship, hearing stories from artists, ecosystem builders, scientists, and engineers.