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    [12/05/18] Mobius Labs: giving property owners and managers the ability to see water usage (and potential leaks) at a fixture level within the building.

    Presenter: Karl Appel (LinkedIn)

    [12/05/18] Stumble: A digital platform to connect college students to potential roommates with a swipe of their finger.

    Presenter: Mahrouz Ahmad (LinkedIn)

    [12/05/18] Deb Best Practices: 10 Best Tips to Keep Your Business and the StartUp Community Safe From Sexual & Other Harassment

    Presenter: Deb Best (LinkedIn)

    [11/07/18] Mindset Management LLC: Software solutions that create sustainable Employee Engagement by changing leadership behavior

    Presenter: Vincent Smith (LinkedIn)

    [11/07/18] Posivibe LLC: Software that ensures that car dealership staff are empowered and in communication, so that every staff member is prepared, and ever customer is remembered

    Presenter: Josh Robin (LinkedIn)

    [11/07/18] Catapult Games VR: A game studio developing a VR climbing game called Don’t Look Down

    Presenters: Dane Jennings (LinkedIn) and Chris Caulfield (LinkedIn)


    [10/10/18] SpringStart: helping software startups ideate, prototype, build, measure and scale

    Presenter: Joe Tyler (LinkedIn)

    [10/10/18] Tech Valley Center of Gravity: the Prototyping Center at TVCOG provides affordable access to advanced prototyping equipment, hands-on training and manufacturing space for hardware start-ups and small businesses.

    Presenters: Hollie Cargill-Kramer (LinkedIn) and Thad Casey (LinkedIn)

    [09/05/18] CampusPro: A marketplace that connects student freelancers with peer consumers

    Presenter: Samuel Mere (LinkedIn)

    [09/05/18] Tech Hub Spaces: Combining a collaborative environment, software analytics & digital experts to create a centralized hub for employees’ IT needs

    Presenter: Krista Dobis (LinkedIn)

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