[06/07/17] YVNT: An online platform for companies to nurture their culture using social experiences.

[06/07/17] Advanced Modular Instruments: Developing state-of-the-art instrumentation products for diagnostic and drug discovery purposes.

[06/07/17] Sanguine Diagnostics: A paper diagnostics support/accessory platform, with the goal to provide an assured, drop-in-place diagnostics solution to improve global health. Sanguine aims to provide fast-acting, low-cost, point-of-care diagnostic to medical, environmental, and agricultural settings.

[06/07/17] Passport for Good: A software solution that showcases the positive impact of community service by seamlessly tracking data for individuals, families, and organizations.

[05/03/17] NextSeed: Invest Local, Everywhere.

[05/03/17] Saratoga Juice Bar, LLC: A fast growing dynamic juice and wellness brand that launched with a retail presence in 2013 and began wholesaling in 2015; now represented in over 200 wholesale venues with a goal to establish a national presence.

[05/03/17] Learn Blitz: Video flashcard technology dedicated to enabling beginning Sign Language learners to become conversational.

[05/03/17] SelfArray: Developed a tools and methods to significantly reduce the cost of manufacturing making Direct View LED displays a commercial reality.

[04/05/17] Kirsh Helmets: The only All American Made Helmet Company. The unique technology brings together Style, Safety, Comfort, and Improved Performance.

[04/05/17] [s]Cube: Technology Services company specializing in eGovernance, eDiscovery, Application Development, and IT Staff Augmentation.