[06/03/15] Xlerate Technologies: Intelligent battery and power management systems that create performance improvements in light electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

[05/06/15] DrivOns: a mobile application company that combines location aware services with mobile advertising. We provide businesses with the location-based technology tools they need to drastically enhance their marketing strategies, promotional programs and customer loyalty.

[05/06/15] Semi-Lux, Inc.: a clothing company that caters to busy people where the spend their time….at the office. We bring our 300 sq ft mobile showroom to office parks, businesses, homes and functions to assist quality-seeking professionals with their shopping needs. All products are American made.

[05/06/15] Dogstar Pet Products (Gotta Go Button): the company behind the Gotta Go Button, a pet training device featured on Good Morning America and news outlets around the country.

[05/06/15] Margination: a non-profit organization working to create a roadmap for just, inclusive local economies and find a solution to the insecurity and isolation facing a growing number of Americans.

[05/06/15] Family First Fitness: Innovative fitness company targeting entire families.

[04/01/15] Howdeco: a B-to-C platform from which suppliers such as interior designers, home builders, realtors, furniture manufacturers and retailers can interact with homeowners using our 3D technologies.

[04/01/15] Illium VR: developing a line of highly advanced virtual reality controllers and systems to revolutionize the way we physically interact with games.

[04/01/15] ThermoAura Inc.: uses nanotechnology to unleash the potential of thermoelectrics for transformative solid-state cooling and heat-to-electricity generation.

[04/01/15] Learn Blitz: a rapid learning platform that builds knowledge and reduces memory loss allowing users to recall material when desired.