[12/03/14] HR Resolved: leverages today’s virtual environment offering human resource services with a balance of in-office presence & real time/all the time availability, as a retained partner or a la carte service provider from their New York headquarters.

[11/05/14] Cinch Men’s Wear: a men’s clothing retailer that also provides subscription box service where stylists hand-select outfits to meet customers needs and tastes.

[11/05/14] COAST Designwear: brings a fresh new approach to the industry, offering unique frames made from exotic hardwoods.

[11/05/14] Roamplate: helps restaurants broadcast their best, seasonal, creative, local, and most importantly, “off-menu” dishes to our area’s dining out crowd.

[11/05/14] Empire Windrush: helps publishers build better visuals to make their content more engaging and interactive.

[11/05/14] RebateHero.com: comprehensive clearinghouse for rebate offers.

[09/03/14] Armory Square Ventures: A seed and early stage venture fund based in Upstate NY and NYC.

[09/03/14] ChannelEyes: A channel acceleration platform for vendors, manufacturers and distributors to connect with their partners.

[09/03/14] Embedit: An electronics development platform that allows your software to interact with the physical world in a way that emphasizes power and flexibility.

[09/03/14] Mad Glory: new service -Kalamari is a multi-site, multi-outlet, cloud hosted content platform for publishers which allows them to store and distribute content to numerous campaigns.