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The first Startup Tech Valley meet-up was tremendous fun, with lots of energy in an engaged crowd and some wonderful panelists.  In the first event, we got a view from the outside, seeing how entrepreneurship ecosystems function in Syracuse and Utah.  In this event we will look inside Tech Valley…

At one time they were a couple of individuals and an idea, but now they are strong and growing technology companies providing the lifeblood of stable jobs for Tech Valley. They have been successful, not in Boston or Silcon Valley, but here.  What enable their success why did they stay?  How might we learn from their story to enable more entrepreneurs to follow their path?   

Each will take 10 minutes to talk through key factors that enabled their success.

  • Richard Jones, CTO at CommerceHub
  • Antonio Civitella, President & CEO at Transfinder
  • Matt Ammerman, Co-Founder & Vice President of Client Services at Apprenda


5:30 – 6:30 Networking Session and Appetizers

6:30 – 7:30 Panel Discussion 

The event is free, but help us to know how many people are coming by REGISTERING HERE!







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We are really excited to be officially launching Startup Tech Valley at Brown’s Revolution Hall on October 16th at 5:30 PM. This is a great space and we are looking to pack it, so please spread the word.

The topic will be: How do you build a startup community around great academic institutions? The mission of Startup Tech Valley is to provide events that engage what Brad Feld has described as the entire entrepreneurial stack, which includes “first-time entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and anyone else who wants to be involved.”

We want this to be the place that entrepreneurs can come to both be inspired and showcase the amazing things that they are doing. Have a business you are developing but need a first customer, a mentor, or a partner?  Sign up here and we will be in touch regarding scheduling your talk.

In this panel, we will hear from individuals who have been directly involved in building the entrepreneurship ecosystem at the University of Utah and Syracuse University. Utah is extremely well known for it’s startup culture and this has been magnified by a successful accelerator within the University of Utah.  Syracuse has made great strides in developing a startup culture using partnerships between Syracuse University and outside organizations.


5:30 – 6:30 Networking Session and Apps Sponsored by the Severino Center

6:30 – 7:30 Panel Discussion 

The event is open and free, but help us know how many are coming by REGISTERING HERE!


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The first meeting of Startup Tech Valley was a success!  We had a great networking session and discussion from our panel of experts from the film industry.  Here is an except from the introductory remarks.  I started with playing this one minute video.

Welcome to StartupTechValley—support group for the crazy ones.  I love this commercial because it unites actors, scientists, singers, painters, activists, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs as members of a single club-the crazy ones.  These are individuals who possess not just a brilliant mind or a great education but the need to create and the willingness to risk failure in that process.  Yes, the act of creation is such that it involves wresting with what is possible and not possible, and thus creation and the potential for failure are inexorably linked.  When you paint, write, invent or start a business, you are putting yourself out there and pushing the envelope and doing something that hasn’t been done before.  

This process of creation is hard, and t Startup Tech Valley we want to be the place that you can come to hear inspiring stories that may help you take the first steps or gain inspiration to continue your journey. In addition to great speakers like we’ll hear from today we also want to give entrepreneurs from the area a stage they can use 5 minutes to demo their product or business concept.  This isn’t the place to necessarily come for funding, but we can be the place to go to find that first customer, partner, or advisor.  The goal is to celebrate and encourage creators in the community..  

Startup Tech Valley will be monthly event. After tonight we will be holding the events in Revolution Hall, a great venue owned and operated by Browns Brewing Company. Stay tuned for the details of the next meeting….

This is going to be fun! 




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Wednesday September 18, 2013 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM EDT,

Beta Studio, EMPAC, Rensselaer Campus

corner of 8th Street and College Avenue

Troy, NY 12180


Imagine putting together a team, obtaining funding, planning and executing a plan all while executing on a creative vision…  Filmmakers, as entrepreneurs, must play many roles in order to succeed in their craft.

In this panel, we will hear from three individuals who have gone down that road, getting both an insider’s view of the industry as well as some general advice relevant to all entrepreneurs.

The panel will consist of:

Marcus Dean Fuller, Writer, Director, Owner, Compass Entertainment

Steven C. Beer, Entertainment Attorney

Jason Ward, Producer and Distributor, Candy Factory Productions


There is no charge for this event, but please let us know you are coming by RSVPing here.

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After 7 years of Severino Interest Group Breakfast meetings, we are making some changes…or as we say in the entrepreneurship business: pivoting.

First, we are shifting the time to an after-work event (coffee and eggs are out and drinks and appetizers are in). Second, we are shifting the venue to EMPAC (campus) for the first event and to Brown’s Revolution Hall (Troy) for the remainder of the Fall/Spring.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, we are working to make this a larger community-driven and supported event that can be the place entrepreneurs can go to for that first advisor, mentor, customer, partner, or even cofounder. We want to be that place that can offer a hand up to any startup.

More information will be coming on the events planned for Fall 2013 and how you can get involved. This will be a great way for local businesses to show they support the entrepreneurship community and for entrepreneurs to launch their newly-formed or forming enterprises.