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[09/05/18] StartUp Tech Valley

[09/05/18] StartUp Tech Valley

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[09/05/18] CampusPro: A marketplace that connects student freelancers with peer consumers

Presenter: Samuel Mere (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[09/05/18] Tech Hub Spaces: Combining a collaborative environment, software analytics & digital experts to create a centralized hub for employees’ IT needs

Presenter: Krista Dobis (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[09/05/18] Aurox: using drones and remote sensing technology to measure and optimize dairy farm feed

Presenter: Adam Durrin (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[09/05/18] CoLab: a membership-based co-working and events space in downtown Albany

Presenter: Katie McKenna (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[6/6/18] Near Bottle: allowing consumers to locate the best prices and/or those rare bottles of wine or liquor in their area.

Presenter: Robert Salkin [link=””]

[6/6/18] Bull Moose Club Albany: a hyper-charged coworking space where the thinkers, leaders and communicators shaping the New York State Capitol can create, learn, and connect with other change makers

Presenters: Tom Nardacci and Nicole Manupella [link=””]

[6/6/18] Peak Neurophysiology: an Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) service provider exercising a unique delivery model of clinical care.

Presenter: Michael Riley [link=””]

[6/6/18] NY Tech Loop: an association branding and building our software community

Presenter: Susan Lundberg [link= “”]

[6/6/18] StartUp Tech Valley

[6/6/18] StartUp Tech Valley

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