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[10/02/19] Hudson Reality Capture: 3D Mapping for AEC, Real Estate, Small Business, Insurance and more

Presenters: V. Owen Bush (LinkedIn) Chase Pierson (LinkedIn)[link=””]

[10/02/19] Aurelius Coworks: We build and operate coworking communities in middle markets and opportunity zones

Presenter: Tom Nardacci (LinkedIn)[link=””]

[10/02/19] Knitt LLC: A dynamic platform that connects the right charities to the right donors to foster stronger communities and smarter giving

Presenter: Lisa Munter [link=””]

[10/02/19] The Relief Room: We provide destruction therapy by allowing clients to destroy, destruct, and demolish a wide variety of items

Presenter: Lisa Birmingham (LinkedIn)[link=””]

[09/4/19] StartUp Tech Valley

[09/4/19] StartUp Tech Valley

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[9/4/19] Organic Automated Intelligence: A SAAS platform to make computers people-literate for social good.

Presenter: Neil Alers (LinkedIn)[link=” https://Mirrored.Us”]

[9/4/19] Fode Naturals: manufacturing and selling all natural goods made from ingredients sourced from West Africa.

Presenter: Fode Diop (LinkedIn)[link=””]

Season 7 meetup dates

Season 7 meetup dates

2019September 4October TBDNovember 6December 42020February 5March 4April TBDMay 6May 27

[5/29/19] Pine Ridge Industries: offering 15,000 sq.ft. of production and warehouse space and a team of trained workers ready to handle your next project.

Presenter: Valerie Andreoli (LinkedIn)[link=””]

[5/29/19] Tidy Tots Diapers: reinventing the cloth diaper for today’s baby.

Presenter: Sandra Beck (LinkedIn)[link= “”]