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[03/05/14] Clickit Digital: Custom online media campaigns covering all media channels.

Presenter: David Weinstein (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[03/05/14] A real estate software startup that enables landlords and tenants to submit, assign, track, and complete work orders for the physical world.

Presenter: Chris Thompson (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[03/05/14] Tumalow: Double the revenue of peak-shaving energy storage systems by selling their spare capability into the frequency regulation market.

Presenter: Will Gathwright (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[01/28/14] Rocket Docket: Legal software for attorneys, paralegals and other law office staff, get paperwork off your desk fast and efficiently.

Presenter: David Brickman (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[01/28/14] FixT: First-level employee technical support, from software to hardware, mobile to desktop

Presenter: Craig Skevington (LinkedIn)

[01/28/14] Rock the Deadline: A streamlined content marketing system for B2B outreach

Presenter: Kim Lloyd (LinkedIn) [link=””]

[01/28/14] Actasys Inc.: An active flow control device to be used for ground vehicles in order to reduce their aerodynamic drag and ultimately increase their fuel efficiency

Presenter: Daniele Gallardo (LinkedIn) [link=”″]

[01/28/14] Peace of Mind (POM-CO): A mobile security solution for college and university campuses

Presenter: AJ Leahy (LinkedIn) [link=””]