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After 7 years of Severino Interest Group Breakfast meetings, we are making some changes…or as we say in the entrepreneurship business: pivoting.

First, we are shifting the time to an after-work event (coffee and eggs are out and drinks and appetizers are in). Second, we are shifting the venue to EMPAC (campus) for the first event and to Brown’s Revolution Hall (Troy) for the remainder of the Fall/Spring.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, we are working to make this a larger community-driven and supported event that can be the place entrepreneurs can go to for that first advisor, mentor, customer, partner, or even cofounder. We want to be that place that can offer a hand up to any startup.

More information will be coming on the events planned for Fall 2013 and how you can get involved. This will be a great way for local businesses to show they support the entrepreneurship community and for entrepreneurs to launch their newly-formed or forming enterprises.

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